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Adam Sandler agreed In the year His two daughters wrote his hilarious and self-deprecating speech when he accepted the Career Tribute Award at the 2022 Gotham Awards on Monday, Nov. 28.

Sandler began his speech by joking that his two sons called him because he didn’t have the energy to write his own speech before offering to do it for him. Sandler agreed and told the kids they had one more situation: “Do you do the dialogue in your Southern drawl?” Of course, he was obliged.

The speech began with a bang, with Sandler reading, “Dear well-dressed gentlemen, highly-educated hipsters, and other assorted plus-heads of the Gotham Awards: Thank you for honoring our father, Mr. Adam Sandler.” Most of the awards on the trophy shelf are in the shape of buckets of popcorn, glitter or fake mini-Oscars that say ‘Dad of the Year’ and it means a lot to him. ” he composed himself as he wandered through the head shops of Times Square in a self-deprecating haze.

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Sandler’s speech was peppered with self-deprecating jokes about his career. When he started his film career in the late eighties, one of his guiding principles was “TBS needs content to show between all basketball games,” he said. of Big fatherHe was able to reminisce about the movie that launched Cole and Dylan Sprouse’s career, or the movie that paid for their house, their grandmother’s house, Rob Schneider’s house, their furniture, and Rob Schneider’s parenthesis.

When discussing some of his “harder” efforts Fist drunk love And Uncut gemsSanders said these films “have left audiences puzzled as they ponder the mystery: How Bobby Butcher moved me and made me laugh and cry and rush to church and ask God why he gave one man more talent than the rest of the cast.” of Poseidon’s adventure And Mama Mia Combined?”

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Sandler and his daughters saved the all-important “thank you” for last, with the comedian saying, “Thank you for putting up with my dad and his crazy mood swings all these years.” Now that is truly a feat worthy of a lifetime achievement award.

Sandler then dropped his voice and said, “I appreciate everything… that’s saying a lot. I had a great career, I had a great time making all these films, and I thank everyone who worked so hard on them.

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Sandler in 2010 In 2019, he received a warm welcome from the brothers Josh and Benny Safdie who led him. Uncut gems (And they’re reportedly working on a new project with Sandler). The couple remembers watching Sandler Saturday Night Live And listening to his 1993 comedy album, Everyone laughs at you! His voice was lowered so that their father could not hear.

Benny Safdie then ran through Sandler’s impressive run of films Billy Madison to the Fist drunk love And he went on to call Sandler “a revolution in the acting industry.” This prompts Benny to repeat verbatim the old saying, “Everyone in this room is stupid now,” from the big academic decathlon scene. Billy Madison.


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