Brazil, Argentina most popular picks in World Cup Bracket Challenge. Enter now!

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This is a free-to-play competition where you select which team from each of the eight groups of the 2022 FIFA World Cup will advance to the knockout stage and predict the knockout bracket winner all the way to the final.

There are a lot of entries flying around, so don’t miss your chance to join the fun and win $1 million! You must be in before kickoff for Sunday’s season opener.

Compete in a featured bracket that includes Alexi Lalas, Rob Stone, Landon Donovan, Carli Lloyd, Clint Dempsey, Stu Holden, Doug McIntyre and many more.

So far, bracket contestants have gone all-in in two countries and won them all.

Brazil and Argentina are the two teams most frequently selected to reach the finals in the competitive bracket, with France and England rounding out the top four semi-final picks. Spain and Germany, also tournament favourites, advanced to the semi-finals with fewer brackets than the coveted USA.

Brazil and Argentina have qualified for the finals in more than 25% of their brackets, at 28.2% and 27.7% respectively, well ahead of the United States (10.7%) and France (7.1%).

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Let’s dig into how the numbers are broken down and take a look at some of the talent’s bracket picks below!

group winner

  • Netherlands (Group A): 78.3%
  • England (Group B): 72.1%
  • Argentina (Group C): 84.0%
  • France (Group D): 77.1%
  • Germany (Group E): 58.6%
  • Belgium (Group F): 69.2%
  • Brazil (Group G): 95.9%
  • Portugal (Group H): 67.0%

Argentina and Brazil are not only the frontrunners to reach the finals in our bracket, but they are also a relatively weak group. So, with the majority of bracket entries, it makes sense for these two teams to advance from their respective groups and win outright.

The Netherlands have also benefited from a lesser-appreciated group, including hosts Qatar. While not one of her favorites to reach the finals or even the semi-finals, the Netherlands are the second most picks to win the group with 78.3% of them. England and France round out the top five.

Don’t worry about the US. USMNT is the most common pick in Group B (58.4%) where he placed second and progressed to the knockout stage.

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How important is Christian Pulisic?

How important is Christian Pulisic?

Stu Holden looks at Christian Pulisic and the role he plays for Team USA in the tournament.

To advance to Round of 16

  • Brazil: 92.5%
  • Argentina: 79.2%
  • England: 66.7%
  • France: 64.9%
  • Portugal: 57.8%
  • America: 45%

Brazil has the lead as the team selected the most to make 16 rounds, with a dominant percentage bracket advantage.

Surprisingly, defending champions France have slightly less help than England to reach the knockout stage. It is his only time, dating back to 1966, that England have won the tournament.

USMNT is also a favorite team to play the Round of 16, with 45% of attendees expressing affection for the young team.

advance to the quarterfinals

  • Brazil: 68.9%
  • Argentina: 67.7%
  • France: 43.7%
  • Portugal: 26.1%
  • England: 25.2%
  • America: 19.4%

Unsurprisingly, Brazil continues to lead the pack, with defending champions France also gaining popularity.

Conversely, bracket participants are less confident about England making it to the quarter-finals.of three lions Moving from 3rd most likely to reach Round 16 to 5th most likely to reach this stage.

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advance to the semi-finals

  • Brazil: 39.9%
  • Argentina: 34%
  • France: 28.2%
  • England: 14.6%
  • America: 13.6%

Entries in parentheses are meaningless unless they are consistent. Brazil and Argentina are still the top two teams backed to advance to the last four. But there are surprises. USA, along with England, are the favorite contenders to reach the semi-finals.

In other words, contestants are rooting for the USMNT to sprint.

Advance to the final

  • Brazil: 28.2%
  • Argentina: 27.7%
  • America: 10.7%
  • France: 7.1%
  • Germany: 6.1%

Brazil and Argentina continue to shine, but USMNT is the third country selected for the 2022 World Cup final, perhaps to show our national pride.

All the magic starts Sunday at FOX. Finish your bracket before it’s too late. I don’t want to miss a million dollar opportunity.


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