‘I can’t believe you’re in a box still’

Below three Rowan Grace and Kim Kruse wait their lot, while Kiqu & # x9;  He waits in the covid lock, in & # 39;  The Voice & # 39;  Top 10 results of Chapter 22 show.  (Photo: NBC)

Bottom three Rowan Grace and Kim Kruse await their fate on ‘The Voice’ Season 22’s top 10 results as Kikwe waits in the covid lockdown. (Photo: NBC)

Tuesday brought The voice The top 10 results of the 22 races will be shown, which will determine which eight contestants advance to the semi-finals. But sadly, one of the contestants who didn’t move on, a former frontrunner, didn’t even get a proper farewell.

Earlier in the night, host Carson Daly explained that seven singers would be selected on the American side based on Monday’s top 10 performances. And of course, the first artist of all, the true original and absolute risk-taker, was Boddy. Bodi’s lightning-fast rap/sing cover of TikTok star JVKE’s “Golden Hour” on Monday had coach Blake Shelton proud and surprised, declaring it not only “the hardest song I’ve ever heard someone try to do on this show,” but possibly “the best performance I’ve ever seen on this show.” . Fortunately, America agreed with that assessment. And I can’t wait to see what Bodie does next week – and in two weeks at the latest, because at this point I can’t imagine he won’t go all the way.

Also advancing immediately to the semi-finals, before Tuesday’s first commercial break, was this week’s other outstanding rock star group, Camilla’s guitar idol Morgan Michaels. This means rookie coach Camila Cabello will still be represented moving forward. Poor Camila started out with a strong team that I once thought would win this entire season, but promptly lost three of her four artists in the Live Playoffs, leaving her as the “last woman standing” Morgan. But Camila can Still, Morgan wins it all… and really, the duo of Bodie and Morgan make it one of the funniest. Voice Last in years.

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Two contestants I expected to be in the final four alongside Bodie and Morgan were Team Gwen’s indie-soul maverick Kikuwe and Team “Velvet Powerhouse” legend Kim Kruse – but unfortunately both singers delivered dynamite performances and landed at the bottom on Tuesday. Shows before the night. Kim’s score was shocking, her cover of Rihanna’s “Love on the Brain” so catchy that Carson believed Rihanna herself would approve. Gwen Stefani said Kim “hit rock bottom this season,” but now everyone is waking up and asking, ‘Why didn’t we do more about Kim?’ It’s going to happen. correct.

Gwen’s Endangered Contestant Kikwe, I thought would be back on track this week in a surprising way after his layoff last weekend. But perhaps the fact that NBC was forced to air a pre-taped KK studio show on Monday — because he tested positive for COVID-19 and was unable to appear on the live show — hurt his chances. As Kikuye Carson read the results of the bottom three as he waited alone, my heart went out to the boy…and my mind was singing in the distance for a quick rescue from an isolated hotel room.

Instead, the show is on. other A pre-recorded performance, this time covering Kikwe’s Leon Bridges’ “River.” The casting was quietly convincing, but I think Kikuye is the type of performer who runs on adrenaline – that’s how he beat Sev last week – and I wonder if he would have. in In this moment, on live television, the end result would have been a more aggressive, more fight song. This footage appears to have been filmed at the same time last Friday when Kikuye shot his locked top 10 performance “for the robot cameras” (as he explained on social media) – just like his last performance landed him on the cutting edge. So, tonight seemed doomed.

Team Blake’s Rowan Grace was the third singer in Tuesday’s Jeopardy, which wasn’t a shocker – although she delivered a solid Billie Eilish performance on Monday, and I’d actually swapped her third place spot for her cute but boring teammate Brady. A lape that peaked weeks ago. Rowan was the first of the bottom three contestants to compete in the final eight, and while her cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” was fun and beautiful, it lacked grit, gravitas, or blood/sweat/tears. To be a full-on Save Me performance. It was absurd to say that Rowan would win this fight, by landslide or otherwise.

And then there was Kim, doing the gospel-centric Brooks and Dunn’s “Believe” (perhaps a clever ploy to impress). The voicelocal core audience?) and while it seemed underdeveloped, especially early on, she had plenty of lung power to overcome any errant mic issues. She received a standing ovation from all four coaches, with her own coach, John Legend, telling her, “I honestly believe you’re one of the best vocalists I’ve ever worked with.”

Five minutes and one commercial break later, the quick votes were tallied, and America saved… Kim Cruz. I certainly can’t argue with that verdict, and I hope audiences finally realize how special she is and never take her amazing talent for granted again. But I felt really bad for Kikuyu, who lost his remote connection in the last minutes of the episode, so he only got 20 seconds to say goodbye to his trainer and didn’t hear Gwen’s kind words of thanks for the moment.

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Hopefully Kikuye will be able to watch this episode again and see Gwen talk about it. “I can’t believe you’re still in the box,” she lamented, frustrated that she couldn’t talk to him in person. “I was on this show for six seasons, and [Kiqué is] Probably the first artist I ever worked with who was truly enraged by the artwork itself. I learned to trust him right off the bat. He comes with a vision for whatever he wants to do, and it’s a pleasure to work with such a pure artist.”

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So now Blake has three artists in the top eight (Bodie, Brayden, and Bryce Leatherwood), John has three more (Parigita Bastola, Omar Jose Cardona, and Kim), and Camila and Gwen only have one contestant each. Hopefully all eight singers will be healthy and able to finish next week. But on a side note, I have to say that I enjoyed Gwen’s quirky and chaotically fun house/house-party rendition of Talking Heads’ “Burning Down the House” more than I (even) expected. Although I wish Kikwe was there for what was supposed to be a group number). At this point in the game, Justin probably shouldn’t take too many risks and stray too far from the classic-R&B line. Competitive episodes, but it was great to see him swing like this. And I dare say he upstaged rocker-girl Gwen with his amazing performance.

Come back next Monday to see who will rock and roll The voice Season 22 finale.

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