“I only speak because I have to”

Stefano Pioli was unable to find the right solution for AC Milan as he conceded four goals against Lazio this evening in yet another heavy defeat. Speaking to the press afterwards, the manager acknowledged the obvious flaw.

Milan had to bounce back from four games without winning, but instead suffered another heavy defeat as Lazio dominated from start to finish.Not only the players, but also Piolo looks bad announced before the game that he had the right solution.

As quoted by MilanNews, Pioli told DAZN that he was speaking to the media because he had to and that the team should return to work at Milanello immediately. In other words, it was not difficult to judge his mood.

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How would you describe this knockout?

“This can be explained by a quick return to Milanello and it works well. We are delivering a normal standard of performance.”

what happened?

“There are so many things that can go wrong, both mentally and tactically.

Is this the lowest moment of the Peoli era?

“It’s a delicate moment. Over the past two and a half weeks we haven’t been able to bring home any performances or results.

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What are you most worried about?

“It’s not easy. Things aren’t going well for us. Today we created a dangerous situation. Today the problem wasn’t so much in possession, but when we didn’t have the ball we couldn’t cover it. So we need clearer communication. There is only one way I know how to improve and that is work. All these negative consequences lead to negativity.”

Goodbye Scudetto?

“We have to resume play the way we know it: this is our first goal and we have to do it as soon as possible. I would like to work less and work more.”

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Will zaniolo help?

“I don’t know. I’m going to talk about this match tonight.

Do you miss Ibrahimovic?

“It’s too easy to say now. will bring it.”

Milan will now face Sassuolo, but will have to do so without star Ismael Benacer, who was yellow-carded last night. At least it means he won’t miss the derby due to a pile of yellow cards.


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