Leo Woodall Was Surprised About That ‘White Lotus’ Reveal

Leo Woodall
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Spoilers for the fifth episode White Lotus season two”That’s love.He said.

In the middle of the second season White Lotus, a new bombshell has arrived at the villa – or rather, the former convent turned into a luxury hotel. He’s an Essex armed chap named Jack, and he’s supposed to be the nephew of Tom Holland’s character, Quentin. Portia comes hard for Haley Lou Richardson, breaking up her dynamic with Adam DiMarco Albee and convincing her to travel with him through Sicily. Things look up for Portia’s love life until the end of episode five, when he leaves her for a while to “do something for his uncle.” That’s when Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) discovers Quentin is mad at him – so, maybe it’s not his niece! The vision caught Woodall off guard, even himself. “I was told that I had to mess with two characters and that she would fall, but I didn’t know who it was.”

So when you signed up for the role of Tom Holland’s “nephew,” you knew you were having sex with him?
Well, it wasn’t right when I got in, but it wasn’t long after that. I was told I was supposed to have a shock and a falling out with two characters, but I didn’t know who it was. I was already excited when I was told that Tom Holland would be playing my uncle. Then the news went off about that moment and I was silent for about ten seconds.

Can you share a hint of what’s actually out there?
not really. [Laughs.] Absolutely!

What was it like filming that scene?
Tom and I were both a bit nervous, but Mike White was very easy going about everything, especially on the day. We were filming other stuff before, and he was like, “…are you ready?” It was. We had a really good intimacy coordinator, we took it seriously, but we also had fun with it. Bonding time for sure.

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How do you mentally prepare for scenes like this?
His whole job was to mentally prepare to enter the best show in the world, so everything that came with it had a certain mental preparation. My first day of filming was actually that sex scene with Halle. It was an introduction to this work. Very rock and roll!

Did you feel pressured to enter a second season of a show that was a huge hit in season one?
The “pinch” and “how do I do this?” I watched the first season and didn’t know there was an audition in my mailbox for a second season. I loved the show, and a few weeks later I booked my audition for the next season. Going into it, I thought some of the stars were aligned, and regardless of the pressure, I had to have as much fun as I could.

Outside of the sex scene, what was it like working with Tom Holland?He is polite and a true professional. At first I felt overwhelmed, so it was a moment of real encouragement. On our second day of shooting, he figuratively put his arm around me. I have a lot of respect for that.

When you got into the middle of the season, did you start filming later?
I arrived maybe a week or two later than the others. But for the first month or so I had to go back and forth from London. We were all becoming friends and I started getting FOMO so I decided not to go. They did karaoke when I was in London, so that was a must-have to stay.

What was it like staying in that hotel while you were filming?
I fell in love with that place. It’s amazing to look at the scene, to look down those corridors, and to hold so many memories of those rooms, the dining area, that bar. I arrived in the middle of the night and I was just like I was. Oh, this is cool.And when I woke up to the sight, I just thought. what happened to me Then, when we were there last week, it started serving again, and suddenly it was another hotel. But some of the real employees of the hotel are in the show, which is cool. They really look after us.

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Do you have a favorite thing to do when you’re not watching movies?
It was a great day when me, Meghan, Adam, Beatrice, Simona, Haley, and Aubrey went to the beach and swam to this big rock. there were a lot of Night out. It was a fun day when Mahan and I went to the beach and back and Murray Abraham sat drinking and hanging out with us for a couple of hours. Do you know what the Grand National is? It’s an annual horse race in the UK. I met Megan in the morning to bet on the horses and I bet on one and I found out this was happening when we were with Murray. I pulled out my phone and found mine and Megan’s horse out front. My horse has won and gone mad. Murray was very happy for me until he realized I wasn’t carrying the right amount of money. He said, “I thought you were going to win 100 grand?” And I was like, “No, I just won glory.”

The key is that Jack and Portia have more chemistry than Albie and Portia. How did you work on that?
The day before we filmed that scene, we went out for coffee. We talked trash for two hours and she asked me about my zodiac signs, which I didn’t know much about. Once she taught me, I knew a lot.

So what are your star signs?
I honestly don’t remember. I know I’m a virgo but she told me about my moon setting or rising or whatever. I have to text to get the whole thing.

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Are you from Essex yourself?
I’m from West London. But there are definitely a lot of people I know from Essex. My stepdaughter is from Essex, so it was fun to lean there. I didn’t want to do the straight, stereotypical Essex man you might see The only way is Essex.. Mike allowed me, as did Tom, to let the Englishness come out more, if that makes sense.

how so?
Little languages, and little changes that an American might not speak. Just like in England we use “fit”.

The other actors told me that they felt that Mike brought his own personality to the characters. Did you feel that way?
One hundred percent. There’s something crazy about how amazing his script is, yet how ordinary and simple it is. He encouraged us to mess up. When we were at the bar in episode four, I made up the line “Dos Jagermeister, dos Red Bull” because I thought it would be funny if he spoke Spanish to an Italian bartender. I thought Mike was going to cut it, but I think he kept it!

Maybe it’s the way to say “Villa,” but Jack feels a little off. Island of love Competitive.
Oh, I thought for sure Jack would be in. Island of love. He can go from one villa to another.

What was it like filming in the villa that Quentin owns?
It was huge. Some of the interior was very strange. There are all these crazy paintings and antiques everywhere. The bedrooms were really dark.

Not a good place to film a sex scene!
There was a picture of a dog on the wall, and Tom was like, “Maybe put the dog there, while we’re in dog style.”


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