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President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) will explore business opportunities in the country and become entrepreneurs who make working abroad an option rather than a necessity.

President Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. (Ali Vicoy)

In his message during the Go Negosyo’s Kabayan Awards 2022 in Pasay City, the President hoped that OFWs will see business as something that can help them support their families.

Marcos’ message was read by Trade Secretary Alfredo Pascual, as the President could not. First lady Louise Araneta-Marcos represented Marcos in the event.

“We hope to do business as a way to help OFWs and their families earn extra income to support their needs,” he said.

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“We hope that through business, our OFWs will have the choice to return to the country with the main goal of doing work abroad as a choice rather than a necessity,” he said. add this.

Through the event, President Marcos hoped that the OFWs would be enlightened on issues such as money management, money laundering, business opportunities verification, and many others that can help in their reintegration. in the economy as entrepreneurs.

“To our members, I hope that you will attend the meeting with an open mind, so that you can expand your options for earning income and looking for opportunities in the Philippines to represent work,” he said.

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“This is the time to tap into your entrepreneurial spirit and your unique Filipino ingenuity. May these actions today serve as your guiding light as you pursue the next chapter of your well-being that will not only help our economy in the country but also enrich the quality of life of you dear to you,” he added.

Meanwhile, Marcos reiterated that OFWs are the heroes of the country today.

“It goes without saying that you, our dear OFWs, are modern heroes that make our country proud,” he said.

“Wherever you go, you carry the color of our flag and become an ambassador to your adopted country, to show the best that our people can offer,” he added. from here.

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The President said OFWs saved the economy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Your contributions to the Philippine economy and the workforce, in general, are important elements on our path to lasting prosperity,” he said.

“During the many difficult times of our country, you remained a solid foundation of our economy, ensuring the growth of remittances to support your loved ones and to support our country. For all these things, I thank you,” he added.


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