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Whether it’s too many pop and coney dogs or not enough exercise, Michigan has been named among the 2022 most overweight and obese states in America.

The report released by WalletHub.com just in time for November’s National Diabetes Awareness Month shows that obesity has become a problem for many Americans.

The most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that more than seven in 10 Americans age 20 and older are either overweight or obese. Rates are lower for children and adolescents but has risen dramatically in the past few decades.

“So pervasive has America’s obesity problem grown that the weight loss and diet management industry is massive, at least worth it $72 billion,” WalletHub’s report said. “Furthermore, obesity is costing our health care system $173 billion per year.”

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The 20 most overweight and obese conditions include:

  1. West Virginia
  2. Mississippi
  3. Kentucky
  4. Arkansas
  5. Alabama
  6. Tennessee
  7. Louisiana
  8. Oklahoma
  9. Delaware
  10. South Carolina
  11. Georgia
  12. Texas
  13. Ohio
  14. Missouri
  15. North Carolina
  16. Iowa
  17. Kansas
  18. Michigan
  19. Indiana
  20. Virginia

“Recently findings by the Council on Physical Activity indicates a need for more aggressive efforts to combat the issue. According to the report, 72.2 million Americans aged 6 and older were completely inactive in 2021,” the report states. “Lack of physical activity is a leading cause of obesityin addition to genetics, emotional instability and insomnia.”

However, some states are worse off than others.

The final results of the survey were determined by comparing the 50 states and the District of Columbia using 31 key statistics. The data sets ranged from share of obese and overweight population and amount of sugary drink consumption among adolescents to obesity-related health care costs.

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Among the states with the highest percentage of overweight adults were: West Virginia, Alabama and Kentucky. The states with the lowest percentage of obese adults include: California, Massachusetts and Hawaii.

New York and Ohio had the highest percentage of overweight children, followed by South Dakota and West Virginia. Maryland, Utah and Minnesota had the lowest percentage. In terms of obesity rates: Kentucky, Mississippi and Louisiana had the highest percentage while Wyoming, North Dakota and Utah had the lowest percentage.

Many of these states also ranked among the highest in terms of obesity-related health conditions, including: Type 2 diabetes (Mississippi, Alabama and West Virginia), high cholesterol (Virginia, West Virginia and Alabama) and high blood pressure (Mississippi, Alabama) and West Virginia).

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Despite the results, Michiganders can overcome obesity with a few lifestyle changes.

Parag Patel, managing director of Shelby Township and family physician for Corewell Health East (formerly Beaumont Health) emphasizes the importance of recognizing obesity as a disease to reduce the stigma and inspire prevention and treatment.

Dr. Patel offers these recommendations to those looking to make a change:

• Limit unhealthy food – refined grains and sweets, red meat, processed meat – and sugary drinks.

• Increase physical activity

• Limit television time, screen time and other “sitting time”

• Improves sleep

• Reduces stress

For more information on obesity and diabetes prevention visit cdc.gov/diabetes/prevention/resources/personal-success-modules.html


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