MIKE PORTNOY Confirms He Is ‘Slightly Involved’ In DREAM THEATER’s Recently Launched ‘Lost Not Forgotten Archives’

In a new interview with the “Iron Edge Podcast,” ex Dream Theater Drummer Mike Portnoy He talked about his involvement with “The Lost and Forgotten Archives”.. The collaboration between the band and the record label InsideOut Music The virtuosic quintet has seen a long standing. Ytsejam records The catalog is out again, with new additions to this exclusive collection. (He will be cleansed Which is the account? Dream Theater It has been used for years to publicly release live recordings. [“Ytsejam” is “Majesty” spelled backwards; MAJESTY was DREAM THEATER‘s original band name].)

Portnoy He said (as copied BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “Initially, I was a trillion percent involved with the original stuff. In fact, this was my project; I was the one who archived and put together all these releases with photos from my archives and extensive online notes. I was the one who put the original together. He will be cleansed bootlegs back — I don’t know — 15, 20 years ago. So there were about 16 or 20 titles and then. So when you start taking these out again “Lost Not Forgotten”. series, I had no involvement; They did it all by themselves. But they were. Recycling Many of my originals He will be cleansed Topics. So, yes, I was seen on a lot of these, but I wasn’t involved in any artwork or anything like that. And since I spent so much time on the originals, it was with the liner notes that I was disappointed. The liner notes are really important for people to have the context of what’s behind all these demos or live shows or whatever. So I’m not involved in these new releases. But then John [Petrucci, DREAM THEATER] And I started working together myself [again] In 2020. I played on his solo album, then he and I and Jordan Rudess [DREAM THEATER keyboardist] And Tony [Levin, bass]We did the third LTE [LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT] album. So once John And I started working with him. I brought it up to him and said, ‘Hey, man, what’s up with that? Why aren’t the liner notes there?’ And I noticed some mistakes in some of the credits that they released without my involvement. So he’s, like, ‘Hey, if you don’t mind tracking down some credits and stuff like that,’ just making sure everything is actually correct, because I’m very, very small about that. So after the first five or six releases, John At least they started arresting me to make sure all the information was correct. Unfortunately, they still aren’t using my artwork or online notes, but that’s their right. And I shared it once That’s what he said. Level, he and the band’s manager asked if I would be willing to maybe make a certain contribution More Things from my archives. And I said, ‘You know, what the hell? why not?’ There are many things on my record that it would be a loss for them to have me sitting in my house. So I have contributed many new topics. Right, they just left our opening ceremony at Madison Square Garden Iron Maiden; It is new. And then there are a few others from my archives that are coming out soon. So I am a few This point is involved. Not as much as I was with the first ones, but enough that I’ll give them a few new titles to add to the collection.

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He asked if he would appear on the little one “The Lost and Forgotten Archives”. will release Portnoy He said: “Of course I appear on all the originals He will be cleansed Topics. Then there are some new ones from my time, from the archives. But they also have a set of websites:MP So are the things you spend.

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“I think the only problem for me with the liner-note thing is that they have it streaming on some streaming services now, and there’s no context for that stuff.” Mike He admitted. “Someone e-mailed me a few days ago and said, ‘Hey, what’s wrong with that song I just heard?’ And I’m like, ‘Where the hell did you hear that?’ And they’re like, ‘Oh, it’s on Apple Music Or Spotify. And they did not know who was on it; They didn’t know who the singer was. There’s some demo stuff on there with different singers. And without the context of my liner notes, it’s almost impossible for people to know what the hell these things are. But anyway, that’s neither here nor there.”

Ytsejam records He has previously played a host. Dream TheaterAn official bootleg release collection featuring live performances, demos and studio tracks spanning the entire band’s masterpiece. as a body “The Lost and Forgotten Archives”., the entire collection is available on CD, as well as for the first time on vinyl and digital with new artwork and packaging. The team has been busy digging into the encyclopedic vaults to find some very unique, previously unreleased material. The first new release in the revamped archive is a performance recording of the band’s acclaimed second studio album from start to finish. “Pictures and Words”In the year Taken from a September 2017 performance in Japan’s famous Budokan venue in Tokyo.

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Following this anniversary “The Lost and Forgotten Archives”. Release, the extensive back catalog Ytsejam records Supplies began to be given again. A huge amount of previously unreleased material is getting its first edition, providing an absolute treasure trove Dream Theater Music for fans old and new to explore.

In 2012 Dream Theater vocal James Labrie He denied it. Ytsejam records He died on the way out Portnoy In 2010 Labrie “No, he’s not dead. I’ve been taking care of that, so I’ve got a copy of every night, and I’ve documented it. There’s a lot of stuff from around the world from this last tour. I’ve already documented and mastered these particular nights… What I’ve done is take them from certain parts of the world, and it looks amazing. Release the next one He will be cleansed [recording]. But will do I can guarantee you it will happen – it will will do Occurrence is not a priority at this time. But the item is there. We currently have more than enough to release one. AmazingHe will be cleansed Release now – for sure. So it’s just like as a band when we feel like, ‘Okay, let’s finally put it together and put it out there.’ I have a few ideas really… cool stuff, some really cool extra features. And other men are involved, so it’s very common how we want the first one He will be cleansed [release] – after –MikeParticipation, with all its predecessors He will be cleansed [releases]… We want it to have a very big impact.


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