‘SEAL Team’ Recap: Season 6 Episode 8 — Max Thieriot as Clay

The following contains the major spoilers from November 6 SEAL teamNow streaming on Paramount+..

In the eighth grade SEAL team Season 6, Life Outside the Wire It’s starting to look so good for Clay Spencer (played by Max Thiriot) that he suggests to his wife Stella (Alona Tal) that they blow up their family’s three-foot world, put Wah Beach in the rearview mirror, and start over for themselves. A life away from him does not work, Green Team and others.

But not because Clay told Jason before the Mali op that he planned to pause the operation did a red flag go up. Clay’s sweet relationship with Stella is interrupted by a call from Ben, a desperate man he met at Ray and Naima’s vet center a week ago. Clay goes out into the night and finds Ben about to sabotage an Army recruiting center. And when Clay talks Ben into trashing the place, Ben pulls out a gun to aim at himself.

Clay managed to talk Ben out of taking his own life, and took the gun from his hand. But a security guard’s flashlight suddenly shines on the men, revealing Clay with a gun in one hand and a scared-looking Ben in the other. The guard quickly fired two shots at Clay, who fell to the ground and died on the spot, while Ben went into the night.

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“Easy Day”

Following this week’s episode, TVLine got on the phone with showrunner Spencer Hudnut to chat about vet Thieriot’s new series. Country of fire The role has influenced Clay’s fate, and how Bravo handles this bombshell is leading up to its most dangerous demise in the two-part season finale (airing Nov. 13 and 20).

TVLINE | Spencer, I feel very much about you right now as a show runner. Complex.
Yes, I can imagine. That’s how I feel about myself sometimes, so….

TVLINE | CBS ordered the pilot to Max Country of fire It was ordered to be serialized at the beginning of February and the middle of May. He did this during the development process for that scene SEAL team Is “off ramp” starting to take shape?
It actually started around the end of Season 5. There were some questions about whether Max would return in Season 6, hence the Season 5 cliffhanger [in Mali] It was limited to that. And as Country of fire As we continued to pass each sign of progress, it became clearer and clearer that there was a very real possibility that we would lose Max at some point. So for the storyline we came up with for Clay this season, we knew we had to separate him from the team to maximize how much we could get out of Max before he left.

Country of fire

“Land of Fire”

In terms of the decision [to kill off Clay]…. I was kicking the can down the road as much as possible, hoping Max wouldn’t leave the show and we’d keep it. Maybe not even after a month Country of fire rise up [to series] It became clear that Max was going. Everyone had talked about how he was going to do the two shows, but it was very clear that wasn’t the case.

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TVLINE | As ambitious as Max wanted to be, he was not easily stopped.
It wasn’t. He is shooting. [Fire Country] In Vancouver he is the star of that show, we were in second place…. Our seasons don’t line up, and we are now running short orders…. Now I’m sitting here breaking chapter 7, so how can I include Clay without knowing when/when/how we’ll get him back? Of course it was not later Country of fire We got a greenlight to the series as we had to face this reality, and at that point we broke most of the season and wrote half of it. We’re a little boxed in.

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TVLINE | So … CBS was the situation. Country of fire It’s DOA on the premiere and Max winds up two Works.
It was a possibility, but really I had a lot of faith. Country of fire Ever since Max first told me about it. It’s a great show. If I thought it had a chance to tank, I might have made a different decision about Clay’s fate, but I’m pretty sure that show will be airing on CBS for years. I’m very proud of Max and I’m excited for him, but at the end of the day I have to do what’s best. SEAL team, and I felt that he was going, his departure had the biggest impact on the show and the team was my responsibility. But [killing off Clay] It was the hardest decision I had to make on this series, by a long shot.


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