Season 8 Crowns a Winner

This post contains spoilers for the season 8 finale A masked singer.

A masked singer According to Ken Jeong, though, he was able to win Season 8 on Wednesday.

Fellow judges Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke helped make the winning call between finalists Harp and Lambs. Each act took the stage twice, and their second performance was a remake of a classic pop song.

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Christmas started on the last night. “Being under the mask allowed me to separate myself from my previous roles, my name, what people expected of me, and express myself through my voice,” she said in her hint package.

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He belted out Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” at Christmas.

“This was by far, in all eight seasons, the best performance I’ve ever seen on a finale,” McCarthy, 50, told The Harp.

The panel suggested that Harp could be Fantasia Barrino, Yvette Nicole Brown, Jennifer Hudson, Amber Riley, Jill Scott or Jordin Sparks.

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The Lambs – who call themselves Pink, Lilac and Blueberry after their dress colors, which they say in their cue package – followed Chaka Khan’s “I’m All Woman”.

Michael Baker/Fox

Scherzinger, 44, said: “This was a great song choice for you Lambots because you three are true icons of supporting women.

Chicks, the Kardashian sisters, and Wilson Phillips all came up with possibilities for the trio’s identity.

“It’s basically a dead heat,” Jeong, 53, said of the race’s close competition.

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“It’s been 14 years and we’ve gone our separate ways, become mothers and created our own lives and careers,” Lamb said in their recorded introduction before returning to perform their revamped classic.

Then the sheep performed their combination on “I want to know what love is” in a foreign country.

“You want to know what love is? You’re going to see people win.” A masked singer,” McCarthy told Lamb.

Host Nick Cannon asked the Sheep what winning means to them. “We have little lambs at home and we really want them to make us proud,” Lilka said.

She closed out Christmas by covering John Mayer’s “Gravity” in her own way.

“This is one of the best things we’ve ever heard at this stage,” Thicke, 45, said.

Scherzinger agreed. “You’re definitely one of the best that everyone has noticed on our stage,” Harp said.

Appreciate the Christmas praise. “It means a lot has been confirmed,” she said. “I’ve spent a lot of time in this industry and sometimes you forget who you are and sometimes you want people to remember you.”

Once the judges and studio audience had chosen their favorite artist of the night, Cannon announced that Harp had won the most votes and was crowned the winner. A masked singer Season 8 champion.

“I feel amazing,” she said. “I’m so glad.”

Before Christmas can reveal her identity, Sheep unmasks. As Chynna Phillips and Carney and Wendy Wilson emerged from under the big bonos, Wilson Phillips’ guess proved correct.

Gilbert Flores / Variety via Getty, Michael Becker / Fox

“Do you know how great it is to hold a mask and talk now?” “It’s been fantastic. What an honor this has been,” asked Carney, 54.

Finally, it was time for the victorious Harp to unmask. Scherzinger was right in her opinion. Be happy alum Amber Riley.

“It’s an amazing experience to come out here and be fully covered and let my talent speak for itself,” the 36-year-old actress said after removing her mask. “And my love for people and I want people to heal and feel what I have to say. So I hope everyone feels my soul because I express it here on the stage.”

Exclusive Nicole/Getty, Michael Baker/Fox

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Cannon Riley, 42, shared a message of perseverance when asked for her words of advice.

“Go after whatever you want in this life,” she said. “It may be hard, it may be a rocky journey, but at the end of the journey it will be completely and utterly worth it, so keep going.”


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