Three observations from Bayern Munich’s 3-2 win against Hertha Berlin

The Bundesliga referee did his best to force Bayern Munich to drop a point against troublesome Hertha Berlin, who do not behave like a team that is part of the league’s Basement Boys™. Bayern are at the top of the table for now, holding on to his 3-2 win against Berlin’s lesser-known side. Goals from Jamal Musiara and the legendary Eric Maxim Choupo Moting (x2) nearly ruled out shots on the spot from Dodi Lukevakio and Davy Selke. What stood out from today’s game?

It’s Hertha!

As I said earlier, for a team in the second half of the Bundesliga, Hertha was unusually aggressive and caused all sorts of problems for Bayern. Among them was Dodi Lukevakio. Man, this guy really has something against us, but no one knows why. Regardless, Hertha mainly attacked the sides and had good opportunities to score, and just before half-time he scored two. The saving grace was the fact that Bayern failed to capitalize on chances and everyone seemed to be running out of energy. I wonder why.

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FIFA indirectly pushes players to their limits

Having a major international soccer tournament in the middle of the season has always been a bad idea. Teams are forced to play games in shorter time periods, so the gap between games is just three days. More workload means more chances of injury, and Alphonso Davis and Leon Goretzka seem to have done just that.

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Everyone is starting to speak out against the World Cup, which starts in about two weeks. This was evident in today’s match, which displayed a large banner bearing the ‘Boycott Qatar 2022’ banner. FIFA really needs to rethink its approach to these tournaments as its prestige could take its toll on the status quo.

Bavaria is the architect of its own downfall

You could say it ended with the referee and VAR stumbled and stumbled as if the Hertha players were playing with each other’s shoe laces tied together, but this time we’re taking a different approach. Bayern need to finish the game before any other team has a chance to comeback. Bayern can’t always avoid being unable to finish the game when the Champions League restarts next year. Because this is a phenomenon that needs to be taken seriously and can end up killing us, not the game.

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Interested in an in-depth analysis of the game? Why not check out our post-game podcast? We talk about Davis’ injury, Mazurawi, Ballon d’Or Choupo Moting, the World Cup and more! Listen below or on Spotify.

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